"I was really impressed with Tabitha. I have been to several different massage therapists and I can honestly say that she is the best yet! She is determined to give us the best experience possible. Thank you Tabitha!" - Christy E.

"Tabitha is amazing! I had been having what I thought was carpal tunnel pain, but after she asked me a few questions and started working to help relieve it, I realized that a few other 'aches and pains' I had been having could be explained by the stress I was holding. The care Tabitha offers you extends far beyond the massage. I would recommend her to anyone!" - Amy A.

"Tabitha is intuitive, thorough and focused during her massages. Great at listening to verbal cues and the nonverbal ones made by the body during massage. Can't recommend her enough!!!" - Amanda S.

"Southern Indiana friends (and Louisville folks not afraid to cross bridges)... Tabitha gives a magical, intuitive massage. Hot stones and a heated table, so I feel warm and happy to my bones!" - Jenny H.

"Tabitha is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about massage therapy. She was very accommodating to my specific needs, and put me at ease. My massage was relaxing and therapeutic. I highly recommend Tabitha for a relaxing, rejuvenating massage experience." - Jessica H.

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