Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, & Neuromuscular Massage

This is the type of massage most often portrayed in the media. You will disrobe to your own comfort level which could be fully clothed or completely undressed.  Regardless, you will be appropriately draped the entire time and only the specific area being addressed will be uncovered and then recovered as the work continues. Based on techniques developed in the 1800s and refined over centuries, I will apply both an oil and a pressure tailored to your wants and needs. Utilizing an array of strokes, ranging from light flowing effleurage to deep  kneading petrissage, we will work together to provide a relaxing atmosphere that reduces your stress and decreases pain from any chronic conditions that you may have. We will also locate trigger points to address discomfort in your muscles and connective tissue. For a full body massage, it is most beneficial to schedule a 60 to 120 minute session.  However, a 30 minute session can be quite useful to address more specific and localized concerns. 

Thai Massage
Also known as Nuad Boran, Thai bodywork is grounded in thousands of years of Ayurvedic tradition.  As you lie on a cushioned mat, fully dressed in stretchy and/or loose fitting clothing, I will utilize hands, feet, elbows, knees, and your own body weight to provide therapeutic body work deep into the fascia of your body. Using a combination of assisted yoga postures, massage techniques, and acupressure, we will work together to compress and stretch your body to release tension, increase circulation, decrease pain, increase mobility, and obtain deep relaxation. Given the slow and flowing nature of this work a 90 to 120 minute session is preferred for you to obtain the full benefits of this practice.  The array of benefits accessible through this form of bodywork allow for up to a 4 hour (yes, we could fill every minute of four hours) session. However, a 60 minute session can be tailored for you to address specific concerns. 

Hot Synergy Stone Massage
Hand-Crafted Heated Stones work to Soothe, Sculpt, and Knead achy muscles into a deeper state of Relaxation than ever before.  Experience Hot Stone HEAT with therapeutic deep tissue "synergized"  into massage therapy or a relaxing Swedish session with custom pressure and slow flowing massage into a blissful sensation for body and mind. This creates another dimension to your massage and is custom fit for you.  Before the session, you'll be asked where your troubles areas are, if any, and what sort of pressure you enjoy. If you are not ready for a full Synergy Stone session, you are welcome to ask for the addition of a stone or two your typical session.  This will allow you to sample the soothing warmth of a hand-crafted stone and experience another way to relax, unwind, and de-stress. 

Prenatal Massage
I offer prenatal massage either on the table similar to the description noted for Swedish massage or on the mat as a Thai massage. I provide an array of specially designed bolsters that support the pregnant body in a side-lying position to promote both comfort and safety. I do not use cushions that force you into a face down position. While that is offered by some therapist, I find it adds strain to the body. I do have a wedge to support you in a semi-reclined position if you prefer and will also provide seated work if you choose a Thai massage.

Chair Massage
Typically shorter in duration (5-20min), this type of massage is provided in a special chair that supports your body in a seated position while allowing the therapist to work on areas of muscular tension and stress.  Clients come as they are whether in a business suit or tank top and the therapist will work through this clothing utilizing compression, kneading, and tapotement to provide you with relief and a moment of calm in your day. 

Bells and Whistles
This service includes a full body hot synergy stone massage, personalized tablework in however the body speaks, your choice of essential oils, and a sugar/salt scrub for your hands and feet.

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